If you are less than 4 pax and you just need transportation and a driver who can wait for you, you can use our taxi driving tour service. You can choose the sample itinerary below.
Our taxi driver does not speak English but they can drive you around according to
the sample itineraries which covers most of major attractions in Jeju.
If you wnat one day tour, you can just choose one from the following itineries. If you want two or three days, you can choose 2 or 3 itineries from the sample itineraries
Tour starts at 9am and ends around 6pm. You need to pay for your meals and entrance fees to each attraction.
150,000 KRW (If your hotel is in downtown of Jeju City)
180,000 KRW (If your hotel is in Joongmun, Jocheon, Sungsan, Seokwipo )
* Your meals and the entrance fees are at your own expenses
* If you want to customize your tour, please click here
  EAST - A  

Manjang Cave - Lava Tube (2,000 KRW)

Huge lava tube and UNESCO site


Sungsan sunrise peak - UNESCO (2,000 KRW)
180 meters tall, water volcano, One of the 7 wonders of nature


Lunch Time :

Sea food like Abalone stew & Abalone porridge & Fish


Seopjikoji Lighthouse: (No entrance fee)

Beautiful landscape with sea view and a small lighthouse
A korean drama "All in" film location

OPTIONAL ATTRACTIONS ( Choose 1 attraction from the list below)

Seungeup Folk Village (No entrance fee)

Actual folk village where you can see many traditional houses


Jeju Folk Village Museum (10,000 KRW)

You can see many traditional houses and learn about Jeju cultures here. Korean drama"Daejanggeum" film location


Maze Land: (9,000 KRW)

Two big mazes to escape, Running men film location

  SOUTH - A 

Osulloc Green tea Plantation: (free admission)

All about green tea + innisfree cafe + Green tea field


Cheonjeyon waterfall and a bridge : (2,500 KRW)

You can see a beautiful waterfall and an angel's bridge


Lunch Time : You can discuss the food with the driver


Jusangjolli cliff : (2,000 KRW)

Uniquely shape cliffs formed by lava


Owedolgye Rock: (free admission)

Lava Rock , A Korean drama, Dajanggum film location


One Optional place : You can choose one more attraction in the south

Teddy bear museum, alive museum, hello kitty , ETC..

  WEST - A 

Hyupjae Beach (free admission)

A pristine beach where you can see a small island. It's a famous and popular beach in Jejudo.


Hallim Park (11,000 KRW)

A park where you can see many tropical plants, two small caves and folk village. A very popular place for tourists


Lunch Time : You can discuss the food with the driver


Songaksan (free admission)

A beautiful small mountaim with a great view - A Korean drama, Daejanggeum Shooting place


Sanbangsan (1,000 KRW)
An unique looking mounstain with a sea view
You can walk up to the mid-spot where there is a buddha statue in a cave. Two temples